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Default confused/upset you name it..

I am having a really hard time right now because I feel like I am not being allowed the time to transition properly into this lifestyle. My boyfriend and I were hanging out and drinking with some poly friends and the man approached me and asked me what I thought about my boyfriend having another girlfriend right now I said that I wasn't ready for that and that we would end up splitting up if that happened right now. He told me the reason he asked was because his wife is interested in my boyfriend. At this point the night was winding down and my boyfriend and I decided to go to sleep. I was having trouble sleeping but was still tired so I stayed in bed. When they got back in the house and saw that we had gone to sleep, they got really upset and the man told the woman that she needs to go and "fuck the shit" out of my boyfriend so i'll leave. I was livid at this point but really was not in the mood to discuss it so I continued to stay in bed. He then said that he was pissed because I wouldn't sleep with him, that I was teasing him. I am upset because although I have slept with him once, I never told him there was going to be anymore times. The next morning when we left I told my boyfriend about what I had heard and he feels we should give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them about it. I am so put off by what was said that I no longer trust either of them. I guess my question is, is the benefit of the doubt deserved in this case? I have a very hard time trusting people and when stuff like this happens it just makes it ten times worse.
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