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Originally Posted by adrift View Post
I decided that I need to start being proactive instead of reactive whenever jealousy rears its ugly head.

So this blog is about doing that. It's about confront what makes me feel afraid one step at a time (however big or small) and doing something about it. So my challenge to myself is to take at least one moment every day and do the exact opposite of what my fear is telling me to do.
Been reading your thread so far and realized I'd wanted to comment on your first post but never did.

So, just wanted to say that your challenge to yourself is exactly the stuff that enlightenment is made of. Changing your perspective is transformative, and not just to you. When we look inside and take steps to transform ourselves, we in turn transform our environments and everyone around us. There will be moments that are magical because you are not trying to fix anyone or change other people to suit yourself. And you're not sitting around making wish lists and doing nothing. You are actively shifting your reality. Congratulations, enlightened human!
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