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Default Day 4

I had a good day today, I'm happy to report! I visited with two friends of mine, a married couple that my partners like to joke about as "my other triad." I usually shake my head at this because who the hell would have time or energy for that? If that's you, more power to you because I damn sure don't have the energy for it.

Hardy was working today so that meant Nancy and I had the house to ourselves until the morning. I was a little sad that I had to work right before she got home from her job but Nancy called me after she got out just to talk to me for a bit. And it lit me upside just to hear her voice and hear her say how much she wished I was at home. Not only that, but to have her recognize that Hardy being off from work for a week was wonderful for our relationships with him but that she and I needed our time together. It's amazing how little things like that can change everything.

My brave thing today? Allow myself to just be happy. I didn't talk myself down from that little victory I felt I'd had. I didn't convince myself that she didn't mean it or that she really wished she was home alone with Hardy instead. I let myself feel happy that she wanted me and missed me too.
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