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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Wait a second there; why does having a traditional relationship on the side alter whether or not they're monogamous.
Typo on my part. I meant to say, if they DO have a traditional relationship and do sex work, they have more than one partner, while if they only do sex work, they potentially have a single partner, or they have several partner but no "serious" one. In the latter case, people might argue that it doesn't fall under polyamory, swinging or open relationships because none of the sexual relations fall under the common definition.

I guess I got tangled up and started typing one sentence and finished with another one. My apologies.

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
You start off with polyamory and swinging, then single it down to polyamory. Can you explain this a bit more?
Here, I rephrased my sentence and forgot to fix it. I meant for it to apply to both, the singling down was accidental and due to changing my sentence and accidentally leaving some of the old one behind.
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