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Thank you for the welcome : )

I will definetly look for the blog you spoke about. I'm sure I can glean some useful information from it. I wonder if that's more normal than I would expect for someone's love to move in right away? I know my fiance has spoken about us all living together at one point and being together. I just feel like that is crowding in on my space. My fiance with her timeline is now trying to point out things to me about him that he and I have in common. She wants me to try to see how we are similar and we can be friends and possibly more. The times I have been around him we do get along but there is something that I can't put my finger on that I can't get past. I know this is me being over analytical and also having the feelings of hurt and frustration but I don't know if he is actually a genuine nice guy. Does that make sense? I just keep getting this underlying feeling like he knows what he's doing and he knows how to influence my finace and is working his way in. When the three of us are all together we get along and have fun. When it's been him and I for a few moments he starts to change a little. Just very subtle in a way that I feel like either he's putting on a show or there is something else. I know I may be crazy and looking for a reason to not like him, but I can't shake this. I can't shake the feeling as if he's just waiting me out...
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