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Hello and welcome on my part as well.

And: What SourGirl said. I have been in the position of your wife, my love interest moved in with us right away and it worked out. BUT: IF my husband would have needed time to process things and wrap his mind around it, Lin (love interest at that time) and I were prepared to give him a considerable period of time to do so. Lin guessed that his maximum would have been around a year. Mine would have been less, one feels pressured to take action because of all those overwhelming feelings, but she really needs to bear in mind that this isn't her thing alone. For this kind of relationship to work, you have to be part of it as well. And this doesn't mean in a resentful, hesistant, or whatever kind of negative way.

I wrote about our experience with opening our marriage in a blog in the Life stories and blog section on this forum. Maybe you can find some things of interest. I hope you will be able to come to an agreement with your wife as long as you figure things out. You have every right to ask of her to slow down.

Good luck.
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