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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
It seems you are starting something lovely. Good for you.
Yes, it definitely does. We are all three quite happy about things, and not just sexually.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Is this how you are seeing it? Like she is something that you are keeping? Or are you being cute here.
Yes, I am rather, shall we say, glib. If thereís a point of any gravity that Iím trying to communicate, Iíll generally do so bluntly. Everything else is just me trying to amuse myself and whatever poor fool has to read what I write.

But no, thatís just silly phrasing. We are all three adults, and while we are planning for the long haul, there is no expectation of ownership, possession, or anything of that nature. We will probably joke around and say things like that as terms of affection and whatnot, but thatís as far as it goes.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Is it also meant to be funny when you say that the grownups have an early morning or is she much younger than you?
Yes, she is much younger. Iím 40, Lucy is in her early thirties, and Ethel is in her mid-twenties. We discussed this extensively. Our previous girlfriend was also much younger, and that was a point of concern. We came to the conclusion that she was very mature for her age. We were mistaken. Therefore we have looked even more closely at that issue this time, and we have discussed it at length with Ethel.

But what that comment referred to is that Lucy and I have schedules to keep, and Ethel was here visiting, so didnít have to get up early on a weekday. Sheís just as much of a grown-up in that regard, and actually has a tougher work schedule than me and Lucy combined. Which kinda sucks from a self-centered point of view. Really complicates visiting arrangements.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Lastly, this is a non-sexual arrangement between you and this new woman in your life then? It seems so.... just wondering. And just wondering how that is working in a triad? I would think there would be some frustration arise... unless one of you is asexual and its a comfortable dynamic this way?
It is a full and proper triad, except that Ethel and I donít put Tab A into Slot B. There are some solid reasons behind this decision based on both of their histories. So far we seem able to satisfy each other just fine, and weíve only barely scratched the surface.
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