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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
It doesn't really make sense to assume that all dommes are evil and that she will take him away from his wife and from you.

It sounds to me like he's the one with the issues. Not just the domme.
Agreeing to this. I am a dominant woman and I don't treat people as this situation seems to of been played out. To me there is no justification for assuming that I have all mighty power over what any sub I come across does. I don't take slaves though. Maybe thats the difference? I don't have any respect for that dynamic beyond my private life. In the real world people need to take care of themselves. I like to be a guide, a confident and a partner that walks hand in hand with them, but why would I want to take on the responsibility of "controlling" their real life? I never got that part about D/s situations. It seems like far too much work and drama. I prefer to keep it simple. Ya, probably not wise to use the same brush for every domme/mistress.

It seems like he has some issues with taking control of his own life. If he isn't able to work that through with a domme/mistress then she isn't doing her job right if you ask me... to me its all about taking control in moments so that the sub can take control in the real world. Its like a release. I dunno. This guy would not be someone I take on. Unless he is willing to work on his shit.
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