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Originally Posted by mixer View Post
As mentioned here, Lucy brought home a new friend and we’ve decided to keep her.
She slept in the guest bedroom last night, as it was an early morning for us grownups.
Originally Posted by mixer View Post
Ethel and I have talked further about the things I mentioned being skeptical of, i.e. her willingness to be involved and intimate with me, and also her comfort level with being excluded from intercourse.
It seems you are starting something lovely. Good for you. I was just wondering about the above quotes.

Is this how you are seeing it? Like she is something that you are keeping? Or are you being cute here. I'm just a bit skeptical (from hearing of past experiences with this kind of arrangement) about this and your assumption of ownership. I noticed that someone asked you if you are intending that she be inclusive, and you said no, but I just thought I would ask.

Is it also meant to be funny when you say that the grownups have an early morning or is she much younger than you? I dunno, I found this a little off some how... likely I am reading into all this, its really early in the morning here.

Lastly, this is a non-sexual arrangement between you and this new woman in your life then? It seems so.... just wondering. And just wondering how that is working in a triad? I would think there would be some frustration arise... unless one of you is asexual and its a comfortable dynamic this way?
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