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With me, casual sex is casual, until the sex part.

That's when my attachment seems to surge a bit, and in many cases their attachment to me.

Frankly I believe that when sex becomes involved its expected that there should be some growth of personal and intellectual attachment occurring as a result.

For the record, I'm terrible at casual sex, usually attempts on keeping things casual with a partner that states that they don't want anything serious ends up in some kind of non-titled but equally personally intimate friends-with-benefits-including-kinda-sorta-romance-but-not-really-technically-unless type thing.

Really its much too complicated keeping it "casual", I prefer "girlfriends".

I'd advise not to worry about it, have fun, get good and stuck on the secondary, and enjoy it.

And if you find that the other person involved seriously can not or will not invest the same in the non-bedroom aspects, or worse begins pulling away when you being to show overt signs of strong attachment, then look for someone who is comfortable with that inevitably.
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