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I like what you said Meera. I do however only agree that it was your experience.

In my experience, I knew all about the workings of sex and that it was used for pleasure, from a very young age. Possibly 6 or so. I began experimenting with masturbation at about age 9 and also began seeing girls a different way. Still didn't actually have a girlfriend til I was 13, and lost my virginity at 15. Never had any kinda talk with my mum or dad about any sex and relationships stuff. All just happened in my own time. A lot of biased info from inexperienced friends. But I eventually just found out for myself and was fine with all that.

One thing I do wish though, is that someone had been there when I was ready to ask questions. I didn't care at all about having someone sit me down and talk about stuff like that. But when I had the questions, I would have wanted to be able to confide in my mother, or someone better than my friends at least.
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