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Things have been going well between us. I see signs of progress everywhere. A year ago, we had a discussion about sex before marriage, and the judgemental comments flowed from her
"Those people shouldnt be doing that"
"thats wrong"
"Those people are damaging themselves"
"those people are selfish"

It was quite refreshing to hear her say this week, that " If sex-workers want to be sex-wokers, then thats fine. But if poeple are being forced to do that, like locked into a room and hardly see the light of day, then that is wrong"

So, she's actually, to her credit, come along quite a bit. When I raised the topic of non-monogamy a year ago, she applied all the above judgemental comment to it, and also added "those people are infidels"

However, lately, her view seems to be that "If those people are choosing to do that, thats fine for them. It wouldnt be my choice, though"

So I see it as progress, at least the judgemental "everyone should live by my rules" stance has been replaced with a more liberal view.

I ve heard a lot of things from her lately that have given me encouragement. I see progress.
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