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Originally Posted by nihonjindesu View Post
So, you and I are probably not in the exact same place, but I had to comment to say I identify with being the more "comfortable" one in the relationship.. I'm "sure" but my boyfriend seems more hesitant, more like poly-curious. It's nice to know there's others out there in at least similar situations, we've only recently "opened" the relationship so I'm also very much in baby-steps mode. It's hard to even know where to start.
Nice to meet you

Agreed its difficult to figure out where the starting point is. We have been attending sex parties for a few years but find that while super fun they don't fulfill a more fundamental desire we have. Friendships, connections & possibly emotional feeling along with all that great sex. We have decided to take a break from the 'party' circuit for awhile and focus on steps toward opening up ourselves to the possibility of more love in our partnership. We arent sure what that means yet. He is hesitant, I'm, as usual, somewhat of a learn abt it then go for it person. The what ifs don't bother me so much. They aren't an issue until they become oh shit what nows! Y'know?

So yeah baby steps. Hopefully to a solid warm fuzzy place. *fingers crossed*
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