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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Is your partner a member here yet? Is there plans for that?

How many partners do you have currently?
Q1. Not sure if my partner is here. It's something I would wholeheartedly encourage but the question hasn't come up. Sometimes we research independently. My guess... not yet. He's less of an online person than I.

Q2. I have only one primary partner currently. In the past couple of years we have had two girlfriends. The first we were both very involved with both emotionally & sexually. A series of unfortunate events from which we all could have been better humans ensued. We broke up.

Our second girlfriend was more involved with hubby. It was ok but didn't last for a few reasons: he felt uncomfortable dating her w/out me. She wasn't really that into girls so the time spent with the two of them, for me, took on a 'fluffer' role. lol... yep. sigh.

anyway. So we are in the present, finding ourselves bored with sexparties & the lack of emotional connection but unsure what that means. He isn't comfortable with me having lovers without him around, yet (big emphasis on last word). He is open to the idea, open to talking about what his fears are, what it looks like and how he thinks it might make him feel. I am softly encouraging him to ask a woman out that he has had a crush on for awhile now. She's beautiful, smart & gentle. I am excited to see if it works out. I'm looking at going to a coffee meetup group in NYC a sweet guy told me about last night. I'm also struggling with feelings for a man I met earlier this year. That story is better explained in another section of the forums though.

Apologies, that was long winded.
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