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Hiya guys,

First off thanks alot for all your advice from the last time it REALLY helped!!
As for today I have a few things that bother me, I met a new woman and she is thus far really cool. She is older and from what I gather from our conversations she has only been involved with serious relationships, but is willing and wants to get involved with me. But she doesn't want to know about anyone I am with or seeing, I am very open and honest about my relationships and feel weird now like I have things to hide. Does her not wanting to hear or talk about the others that big of a deal?? Am I being a silly goose for thinking something is wrong?? My primary partner thinks it's weird and the more we talk about it the more I think she may be right. Am I wrong or should I just continue the way things are right now?? I think we have a great connection and she has such a beautiful way about her it makes me feel good to be around her so I am a little confused...
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