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Default Hi, my name is Claire, and I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic...

I've been sober since 1983...Haven't been to a meeting in approx 2 years. Haven't had a sponsor since.. hell, over a decade.. more like 18 years.

I've been poly for 1.5 years and an atheist for about 4 years. I'm not really sure how those changes would change how I interact with AA. I made an effort about 3 years ago to find an atheist AA sponsor... Found one.. but she was about 10 miles away.. at a time when I just couldn't do that distance.

I"m complicated.. but.. we don't have many simple people around here. I think in many ways, Bill Wilson was surprised at the success of AA. and sometimes the most brilliant ideas are quick, simple and tested by many people...

Sponsors are not meant to be therapists, or accountants or physicians. Although many sponsors forget that. Although that may be why I don't have one.
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