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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
So before this totally goes off track, what's up dear LR? Why the question?
***** THIS IS LR ON MACA'S COMPUTER**************

Good lord I need to go to bed!

Mono-I'll answer your post in the morning.

RP-what's up is that now that Maca has figured out he is poly-we're working on a boundary list that is more pertinent (previous list really only addressed me since I was the only one "with" someone else).
I RECENTLY "came out" as a sub to Maca and GG. I don't see it in quite the "lighthearted" way that is... mainstream so to speak. (also not really into pain per se).

I see it more from a ownership/slave view... so to give that much power to someone is a HUGE deal for me especially in light of how VERY much a control freak I am in all area's of my life.

So while coming up with our list Maca asked about the whole aspect of BDSM with others. In regards to the ACTIVITIES I couldn't give a DAMN who is or isn't involved with him in that way. BUT in regards to the depth of our D/s relationship... not so sure.

Anyway-I was curious for other perspectives so I could reason out my thoughts, feelings, impressions etc.

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