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As a dedicated "kinky" person (I prefer the term "pervert"), I deeply distrust anyone who identifies themselves as a "domme" except for exactly three, however the rest of them tend to have personality traits and various behaviours socially I don't approve of;

Its possibly a local community things but most of the self-identifying "dommes" I know are over 40, fat as a cow, bitchy, hurting over a bad divorce a decade ago and oh yes you will hear about it painfully often), shitty at the craft of proper application of domination, bondage, sadism and aftercare, usually broke and/or living off a settlement from said decade old divorce and are generally disrespectful of Doms or other Dommes and submissives (their own usually gets the least amount of respect, and by that I mean outside the context of collars protocols and such games) not to mention are totally unable to function without constant validation from their subs or psudo-subs, And not to mention that most are very threatened by other relationships that their subs may end up developing.

Actually most throw hissy-fits and try and actively sabotage any 3rd-party relationships of those under their "care".

But once again, that may just be a local community thing. At least I hope its not the actual standard.

As a side note, I tend to judge metamours and partners heavily on the company they keep, you can tell quite a bit about someone by what and who they choose to associate themselves with.
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