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What I meant by intimacy issue was the loss of intimacy over the past 2 yrs between the two of you.

It sounded like this idea (poly) was born out of replacing thing lost (sexual intimacy in your case ) and or a mini mid life crisis ( wanderlust and expanding her sexual and relationship experiences ).

If you don't date each other now would you and she date others? Use each other as built in babysitters? That distance you had will likely grow with that plan.

Is your wife OK with you having other sexual partners? Is this her answer for your sexual needs being met? Has this been discussed in these terms ?

The spill over effect is quite common ...a happy and free wife makes for more action at home as well some cases...not a given. And if you don't care who or how she got that motor running then this could be a good thing for you. Also her knowing that you're being sexual with other women might change the way she views you ...wake something up. The ladies here can comment on that. Does the thought of your man having sex with another woman arouse any desire or emotions ...see's him with a sexy eye, lusty, competitive, love, etc.? that would help in the spill over effect. I know some guys get turned on by the thought of their wives being with other men.
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