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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I generally agree with that, but have to also acknowledge that my brother met his wife after accidentally messaging her instead of his friend on Yahoo. She's Turkish and was living in Turkey at the time. They continued chatting online and recognized a connection. He visited her, she visited him etc. Now she lives here and they have been married for 9 years with two beautiful girls. So I never say never
Yes I should never say never.

I met Mono on POF at the end of a very long and exhaustive search for him. I had given up and he didn't make it easy. You know how exhausting he can be with his black and whiteness and middle of the road, straight, mono, vanilla blah blah blah ways heh, anyway, he sent a picture and I wasn't convinced as he looked like a miserable, hard ass authoritarian. His job turned me right off. I didn't bother to make an effort on our first meeting... wore a hat to cover my bed head, no deodorant and I stunk after working all day, had dirty work clothes on and bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.... I didn't think it would matter as he would be just like all the others...I took one look at him as he realized he was standing in the parking spot I was trying to park in (he'd parked his truck right next to it in the next spot) and I knew it would be different. He says now that it was that he had a truck, because I just use him for his truck. HAHA!!

We were lucky I even agreed to meet him. I was so not impressed except for one thing he said in one message which was that he couldn't stop looking at my picture on POF and although he wasn't looking for connection, just a quick fuck, he thought there was something more there. He was so right! That same picture is one of the ones on my OKC as I had it at the same time. My POF is long gone...

sorry hyjack, kind of..... ya, things are just meant to be sometimes and fate steps in when it needs to
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