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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I see Mono didn't deign to answer himself either.
Actually, I enjoy both aspects with Redpepper; sub and dom with respect to bondage. I'm not much into inflicting pain on the woman I love....Denial yes! And I have also assisted her in domming her tertiary at a public event. At these I am definitely viewed as a sub as I wear a collar and leash which rarely leaves Redpepper's hand. I love the idea of being possessed and "owned" by her. I also love the idea that this concept pisses off our poly friends . I'm hers, body and soul and I want everyone to know it. I am however a relatively strong sub in any event.....she is a very strong woman I must admit which makes our play lots of fun.

Seeing her dom her tertiary doesn't affect me much. I don't feel jealous over the s/m concept. I wouldn't want to watch her engage in sex acts with him though LOL!! He's a great guy and we all have fun together.

There...I said something

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