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I understand completely.

I am not against being mono, as long as it is a conscious decision. Most people today don't even know that poly is a workable solution. If you understand all of the aspects of BOTH lifestyles, then you can have an far more objective point of view. In doing so, one may actually CHOOSE being mono, not just being that way because they don't know anything else exists.

i'm not against mono, but I am very much against what we as a society have made it out to be. In other words, there are not "happily ever after's." the same can be said about poly, remember, if one relationship is difficult enough, two or six is very much more so.

i'm sorry if I came across as being anti mono, it was not my intent. I did mean though that I feel mono couples are more likely to lie to and cheat on eachother than poly ones (assuming they are open relationships).

People desire only desire the grass on the other side of the fence if there is a fence surrounding the other yard. If there is none, then the significance is not as alluring. An example: before having an open relationship, I desired a particular woman (other than my lovey) like no tomorrow, after we opened our relationship up, I lost major interest, she's still beautiful, but not that unattainable twinkie on the end of the stick.
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