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I can see the fallacies of dishonesty or non-communication. But since the people labeling themselves as "monogamous" are actually being non-monogamous (in a dishonest manner), this seems to me like saying "The problem with being a vegatarian is that meat tends to give me heartburn."

I'm likely being over-sensitive but often I get a vibe that "monogamy is fine, if that's your choice" in the same way that religious zealots "accept" homosexuality. "We don't judge homosexuals, they're just wicked sinners who are going to burn in hell, but hey, we still accept them."

It seems that "Monogamy is fine, if you want to be an unevolved, insecurity-ridden neanderthal, but hey, we've perfectly okay with that." Gee, thanks?

What's wrong with monogamy? Nothing that I could see (other than not being a good fit for Frank). But the post seemed to suggest that monogamy leads to cheating. Like open relationships lead to the end of some relationships? I've seen threads where open marriages crashed and burned. Not so much from polyamory but because lack of communication.

I just wanted to express a few prickles at the anti-monogamy vibe I thought was there.
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