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Default Am I out of line?

Am I out of line thinking the following scenario is selfish?

I have worked all day since 5:30 am. I picked the kids up at day care and our daughter is sick with a fever. She just threw up all over the place and I called my spouse at work to ask him if he would reconsider having his sex time night with our lover and come home stopping by to get pedialyte on the way home.

He doesn't think that's fair. So he's asked our lover to go and get it. She's agreed to do, which I appreciate; however I feel slightly resentful that getting laid is more important than his family--not a reality necessarily, but how I feel. He got to fuck her earlier this week, and he's going out with her tomorrow to a comedy show, then all three of us are going to have some fun. Can't his dick wait, or am I just overreacting? It doesn't help I still have slight jealousy issues going on, so I wanted to run this all by you before opening my mouth.

Thanks everyone, I've really appreciated all the no BS honest feedback I've been getting. I'm new to all of this and this is such an amazing safe space to discuss these things. I'm hoping someone has experienced this and look forward to the strength, experience, and hope of others at this forum.
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