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Talking Shiny New Toys

Originally Posted by mixer View Post
I had all of the above written by around 5pm, going back and forth between that and real work. It was still in my browser unposted when a cuddle puddle formed on the couch. Long story short, by the time I went back into my office and posted that, she and I had already kissed. More than once. I briefly considered “sneaking” into my office (our guest bedroom) to post the previous report while it was still, you know, true. But alas, I had higher priorities.

We all spent a few hours in bed, then had a lovely, if somewhat late, dinner. She slept with us last night, proving once and for all that our bed just isn’t big enough for three people. This morning Lucy slept uncharacteristically late and Ethel and I had a lovely morning sharing coffee in the nude.

We’ve all discussed things, together and in pairs, and so far nobody seems to feel any awkwardness, jealousy, territorial twinges, or any of that. Ethel and I have talked further about the things I mentioned being skeptical of, i.e. her willingness to be involved and intimate with me, and also her comfort level with being excluded from intercourse. She claims to be okay with both and seems to have pretty solid reasoning behind those claims. From everything I can tell she is being honest with both me and, much more importantly, herself. Time will tell, of course.

So 36 hours in I would have to label this a stunning success. The dynamics are already much more sound and stable than they were three years ago, despite Lucy teasing me relentlessly about having a “shiny new toy”.

Good Luck.. and remember the killer "b's"

Be Fair
Be Honest
Be Safe
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