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DH, I am omniscient and I know everyone's employment and work schedules! No I am saying if there isn't a problem, it doesn't really matter what their work schedule is. I am not sure how much more clear I can be about that.

I gave several hypothetical relationships possibilities where schedules are built on availablilty. OP has an actual schedule, not a hypothetical one, so yes, I object to your blanket statement that it was not fair or equal.

Lol DH you crack me up with the PM.

Yes, obviously I totally think if Legs had a wedding, a funeral, a birthday on a Sunday, she should refuse to change her plans and attend, since she has a date, obviously that is how compromise and negotiation works for poly right? Obviously she'll have to make sure not to schedule THEIR wedding if they have one someday on her date night with somebody else, cause that would be very inconveniencing! Blah, you need a good walloping!
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