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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
If things are built around someones schedule I'd agree that doesn't seem equal ... or co- primary like.
Well, you didn't say it could be equal DH, you just agreed (although I don't feel Kemie said the time split wasn't fair or equal, so you weren't really agreeing with anybody ) that it wasn't equal OR co-primary like. I wouldn't take issue if you said you wouldn't feel equal in this situation, but that's not what you said. I also don't think it's "building a hypothetical" As there are many people actually doing every sort of time split imaginable successfully.

I also don't agree that Friday Saturdays or Sundays HAVE to be weighted differently. That is some people's preference, but you should remember each person has different opinions, on it, and they don't all match your desires for a relationship. As Kemie isn't spending the entire weekend with her other parther, just Saturday nights and Sunday days, it really doesn't seem like the issue is one of them gets all the fun time and the other gets stuck the boring mundane stuff of everyday life. She said she felt guilty about scheduling time apart from either of them, not that either of them have a problem with the current schedule (not that one of them might not, but I don't really like going on the assumption that it IS an issue just because something wouldn't work for me)

Kemie I JUST saw your edit to your OP about Legs having feelings for somebody else, it is too bad she is monogamous but at least it does lead to a lot more conversations for future options for both of you.
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