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I didn't say you " can't" have that. Sure, you can build a hypothetical in which it can work. I was thinking of her opening statement and I was thinking all things being equal (time wise) ..... Friday nights and all day Saturdays, Saturday nights they have to be weighted differently then Tuesdays from 6 to 9:30pm and not just because hrs put in but the other possible factors, everyone has to work the next day, the variety activities available on weekend days and nights.

So spending time together three nights in a row with my wife ...tue, wed, thur, having dinner, watching DVd's, going for walks ...might not be the same as having romantic dinner and night on the sailboat and all day sailing trip the following day. I just don't think its as simple as adding up hours...or flexibility of someone's time.

What about holidays, weddings, funerals, family events? Is that day of the week driven. He gets to go to most weddings because they just happen to fall on Saturday. Can't ever remember going to a wedding on a Tuesday night. Although I gladly go ...just to save my weekends.

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