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Default Medications/illnesses make people WACKO!

Yes...I turned into a crazy person and so did my partner when I got sick. Likely we were both in shock! I find it to be enlightening, if not somewhat sad and amusing at the same time. We are not out of the woods in terms of my health but things have settled down again. I actually ended up in another relationship that gave me time and space away from the family responsibilities and satisfied my flight instincts. He continued to chat on and off with people. That may not seem like a great solution by many people's standards but it worked for us. I've also learned that one of the medications that they intitially put me on and have repeatedly used for me causes me to be crazy depressed/angry for about a week and a half. **noted** LOL

Unfortunately my secondary relationship failed. I have a problem...I try and date monogamous people. It's really becoming an issue!! I think that I need to look very carefully at WHY I am attracted to people that will likely never be happy sharing me with someone else...

I suppose Step 1 is admitting that you have a problem right?
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