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I totally disagree with DH that you can't have co-primaries or be equal if things are being scheduled around one partner's schedule. If one partner works and the other doesn't, most people would schedule with the one who worked first to make sure they saw them. If one relationship is LDR and they only come in for one week a month, many people will arrange their schedule to be able to spend as much of the week as possible with the partner they only see once a month. If my boyfriend suddenly was only available to see me on Tuesdays because of schedules with his wife and girlfriend, I'd let my husband know that I was going to schedule each Tuesday with him, because my husband is flexible to see me almost any day of the week right now, as the OP's Legs is. I'd do my schedule like that in general to see a person who was important to me, and that has nothing to do with having a primary relationship with them or not.

I would however ponder carefully what he DID say about if you said what you meant and are now trying to keep from hurting feelings. I hope the conversation last night went well.
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