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I personally think the story was a truthful depiction of the fallicies of monogamy. But please don't get me wrong polyamory has justa as many fallacies, just in different forms perhaps.

my problem with monogamy boils down to the inherent lying which it permeates. The old idea that makes people believe that being with more than one person is wrong and you don't really love someone if you want another. This is a blatant lie. Also, (in the words of Dossie Easton) what is it that makes people think that a golden ring on your finger is an off switch for sex drive for other people? Monogamy isn't bad or evil, I just feel it is outdated in terms of love. If we, as lovers, really loved eachother, then we would help the other person move in with another if they wanted to. And we would wish them the best when they left.
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