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Default "Oh Lord, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

Thanks for all your comments, though some, I feel, misinterpreted my intentions, I learn from feedback about human nature, and the foibles of communication. What I thought I was writing as satire, humor, and subtle hints at the intrinsic and mostly unresolved dilemma of monogamy (practiced by imperfect people) came across as a tale of self-serving individuals lying and cheating their way through life.

The desire to be honest is sometimes tempered by context. For instance, one might be hesitant to reveal one's ethnic origins in Nazi Germany. And, there's another version of the story of George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. When asked by his father if he cut down the tree, George replied, "I cannot tell a lie." Then his father said, "Well, son, you'd better learn."

And, who among us have not been trapped by social mores forced upon us to bend the truth when caught in a difficult situation? I was attempting to explain that the institution of marriage as monogamy has confined us in behavior that is against our nature. Look around, and try to count on one hand the number of truly happy monogamous marriages you know of. Having lived and tried to fit into the straight jacket of that mold, I have escaped to the Polyamory forum.

Frank has "flown the Cuckoo's Nest." Ginger, Sam, and Helen are, to some degree still in it." Polyamory presents a different set of rules making honesty a much easier behavior.
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