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Default Big Handsome Man Looking for a Sensual Nerdess In Phoenix AZ.

Hey there everyone,

Myself and my fiance have become interested in poly.

I am looking to start a relationship with smart sensual Nerdess.
The person I hope to find loves Nerdy things, Roleplaying Games, Fantasy-Sci Fi and such but also has a sense of finer things in life like Musical Theatre and Fine Dining.
She can be one her own or part of a poly relationship already.
Such a relationship would start off getting know me and hopefully as time goes on a friendship or relationship can grow with my fiance.

Some deep thing to know about My Self and My Fiance,
We have a young daughter whose well being and happiness comes first in our everything.
We are Atheists. I do not begrudge or judge those who believe yet skepticism is a large part of the way I think and I am skeptical that i could form a deep relationship with someone who dose not understand that.
We are Humanist. I do not accept bigotry, be it based on color, sex, sexual orientation, income bracket, or immigration status making a relationship with you. I do not hate you but I do not tolerate bigotry in my life.

Other than that
I am a caring loving sensual man looking to fill my life with someone equally as sensual and loving.

If I sound like someone you might like to get to know reply back even if your not the sensual nerdess.


PS I am sorry to come of so blunt but honesty and compassion are the keys of a good relationship.
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