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Our previously planned sleeping schedule (every third night with Alec when Mya is visiting) has, again, broken down the last two times Mya's been here. I feel that it's been for really positive reasons, though. It was never supposed to be set in stone or anything. Last time, Mya was only here for 4 nights, so Alec suggested that I sleep all the nights with her, which I happily accepted. [Btw, I am talking about sleeping together in the literal sense only, we don't have a schedule for the other stuff ] This time it's just been a flexible schedule, since Alec has gone to sleep earlier for work. Again the suggestion came from him that since we won't be falling asleep together anyway, it would be fine if I slept with Mya instead on "his nights". So I only ended up sleeping with him once during the 6 nights (when I was tired and wanted to go to sleep earlier). These are no big changes or anything, but I just love how it's become so flexible, since that's how I like it. Just making decisions based on how everybody feels and other things in life. It also makes me optimistic that scheduling won't be a of problem once we're all living closer to each other, either, since all of us are flexible, communicating, and able to reach decisions everybody can be satisfied with. I feel happy about the fact that in all relationship, including between metamours, there is concern for each other's happiness.

Overall, it was again a lovely visit. Simply comfortable and peaceful. Also, I had a good amount of alone time with Mya, which was great. I feel such love for her, and affection, and attraction, and closeness. We are off to Paris next month, and we'll have our one-year anniversary in three weeks. I truly appreciate her presence in my life.

My anniversary with Alec is just a few days apart from mine and Mya's, we'll have been together for 8 years soon. I feel that our love and our relationship keeps becoming stronger and deeper. Also, I feel that the previous year that we've been poly (in addition to open, which came earlier) has enabled even more growth for us, both individually for each of us and together in our relationship. I can certainly say that I am more independent and more secure in myself and more committed to our relationship; and it seems to me that he has been through similar changes. Not that all of those things weren't present before, they merely have increased. I feel it has been very beneficial to both of us, and to our relationship.


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