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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oooh, tough crowd.

I think this is something of a poetic post. It tells a story of people who fumbled around thirty years ago, not quite knowing how to handle their feelings, keeping secrets, and making mistakes, as we all have from time to time. And now they're looking back, and starting over. Of course, these things that happened are not monogamy's fault, but I think it paints a picture of how relationships were done by many people for a long time. I feel like I've seen this film in the early 70s, perhaps with Alan Alda and Susan Anspach. I could see the beach in my mind, and the furtive secret liaisons - it made me sad to read it. Very evocative.

I didn't think that the point of this post was really to say that monogamy is the culprit here, exactly, even though the title sounds like it is. I think it is about imperfect people trying to fit themselves into the structure and rules of monogamy and being unable to do it. Maybe the title is misleading or inaccurate, maybe a different title would be better, or maybe it's like the question that the players in this play are asking themselves. "What is wrong with monogamy that I can't seem to do it?" because they're avoiding looking at themselves and asking instead, "Why am I being dishonest? Why can't I make monogamy work for me?" That kind of thing.
Thanks Capt'n Obvious.

We get the poetic nature.
But like the truth lies in the body of all jokes, so did the truth lie in this post.
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