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Default New Triad: Field Notes

As mentioned here, Lucy brought home a new friend and weíve decided to keep her.

We had our Awkward Chat last night, and it went very well*. Weíve decided to go with a triad rather than a V. There was much poking and prodding from me to be damn sure that thatís what Ethel actually wants, as she and I donít really know each other yet.

Which brings me to my next point. Ethel and I both get to experience a very quick ramp-up of NRE in a situation that will be as close to casual sex as Iíve ever experienced. Iím already feeling (obviously) a good amount of that now, and we havenít even kissed. Obviously sheís already been swimming in the stuff, so she wonít see nearly as much increase in proportional terms. The slope of that graph promises to be an interesting one for me. The last time this happened the buildup was much different, much more like the typical quasi-spontaneous unicorn scenario.

Seeing them both out the door this morning wasÖ interesting. I realized later that I had felt a bit guilty when I put my arm around Ethelís waist while we were standing in the kitchen, and hugging her as she left. I believe itís residual cultural programming that will fall away. I imagine it will be much easier to relax about it all once thereís a slight bit less sexual tension in the air. She slept in the guest bedroom last night, as it was an early morning for us grownups. Tonight, however, involves no Awkward Chat** to get through first, and none of us have any early morning commitments tomorrow. And hey hey, what do you know, thereís clean sheets on our bed, too.

*Too well, almost?
**I do intend to discuss the previous footnote a bit further before it all goes silly this evening.
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