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I'm sure that prostitutes do fall in love with their clients from time to time. The issue that I have with the idea of prostitution is that women are a commodity to be bought and sold. Just the very nature of paying a woman for the use of her body makes her less of a person than the man who is paying for the service.

If there were close to or equal numbers of male prostitutes servicing women there might not be that connotation of women being property. Prostitution feeds back into the ideas of patriarchy and misogyny.

As a woman I object to romanticizing prostitution. Of course it can be argued that there are women who chose to be sex workers but the vast majority of them are not there by choice but rather because there is no other option for them that they can see. Many sex workers are abused by their pimps and johns. I believe that every person has the right to pursue whatever profession they wish. From my experience prostitution is less frequently a choice of career but rather something that is done for survival out of desperation.
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