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Well there are basically two parts to your question.

For work stuff, like the other poster said: Your private life is your private life. I don't care for coworkers to know diddly squat about me unless I trust them enough as a friend. And that's extremely rare because I've never felt comfortable socializing much at work anyways. The less they know the better, usually.

But for social in friends and such? Whole other story! You're three guys. I'm assuming most of your circles of friends consists of other LGBT and LGBT-friendly people, right? My feeling is, if folks in those crowds can handle two men together but not three, then they really need to get a grip. Alas, I have met some gay men who can be complete hypocrites---wanted acceptance for themself but not opening their minds to other possibilities such as poly. But fortunately, they are only a small subset. My feeling is your friends should accept this and if they don't, they weren't good friends to begin with and you're better off without 'em.
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