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Default poly poetry

it's shitty but i felt i should share a poly poem with you guys.

raging dragon never sleeps
but sings to lovers lost that weep
guards its own within its keep
always fights its own greed

none to give to thieves or liars
worldly king, vampire
consuming all within its fire
eyes’ apples join the pyre

sharing proudly its own shame
dragon sets its horrid games
till all it sees is in the flames
a void to fill without aim

gorge itself for the thrill
hunger never knows its fill
but dragon always finds its kill
and feeds on virgin hearts until

a warrior comes who tames the beast
holds the fire, makes it leashed

but though sleeping eyes profess
the dragon has been put to rest
the creature knows its nature best
to taste its ashes is the test

tears from alien eyes recall
bitter sadness of its only fall
but if it cant give its only all
was that dragon ever alive at all?

i hope you guys see what you need from it. (: here's my interpretation/meaning as well: it's a poem about an open love(r) that feels it's been branded as something monstrous yet accepts that label because it feels its love is inherently shameful anyway. the dragon knows its own nature, which seems powerful and uncompromising but wonders if its own existence is worth anything if it cant sacrifice to change itself for the one it thinks has tamed it

more poems will come if people like them, and please share your own poetry of any type, and perhaps poly poetry you like from others. thanks!
If God is love, then what are we
We little gods that forsake thee
But demons, lusts blown to the breeze
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