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Had a discussion with Runic Wolf and Wendigo the other night about some of the advice given here on the forum and the disconnect we see between the older generations of poly peeps and the younger ones concerning moving in.

As someone who has had friends crashing on my couch for short to long periods of time; some of whom I would occasionally fool around with. It perplexes me when I see people advising college aged poly peeps not to move in with each other. I don't see many people telling them to make a roommate agreement and go for it and it bothers me because our couch, house, etc has always been open for any friends or OSO's who needed a place to stay indefinitely. As Wendigo put it, your twenties are the perfect time to have those kinds of poly experiences, to experiment, and if it doesn't work out, you've still got your whole life infront of you. So why the big rush to advise against it? I am not saying not to have a conversation about it, but jump in, don't be afraid of what ifs because life is full of them and nothing is ever set in stone.
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