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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I get jealous of her attention (not her affection)
I understand that one. I don't get jealous of affection either and if I am jealous its because I'm not getting one of my needs met and the guys won't know that until I ask for what I need.

For example:
A couple years back, we had a birthday party for me on my birthday. Only one person in our social group knew about Wendigo and I at the time and we were trying to keep it that way, so I wasn't cuddling up to him the way I do when everyone else isn't around. I found myself jealous of another friend because she'd tiredly sat down next to him and snuggled up to him. I knew that he had a bit of a crush on her and a few months later when we talked about it, I pointed out that I had been jealous because she'd been able to do the one thing I'd wanted to do all night but hadn't because we were trying to keep up appearances, not because it was someone he had a crush on. I had kicked myself because it reminded me of the time that Wendigo had asked me if we were so far on the DL that he couldn't get a hug goodbye at a pool party. He's my best friend, no one is going to question us hugging or cuddling on the couch! I was being silly and have since corrected that.
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