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The other night my GF and I were downstairs watching tv , my wife was upstairs with her bf (my gf's hubby, we are a quad). We decided to go upstairs and see what was going on to find my wife on top and the two of them just finishing. It was so nice to see them happy. Then my gf and I got undressed and proceeded to have some enjoyable time together. The other two left after a bit. And just as the two of us were coming, it was a strong one for us and I kinda made a funny noise which the other two heard, now it's something they are teasing us with , and it's kinda funny we have all been laughing about.

So is there an opportunity for jealousy in this of course, but when you can get to that place of compersion and be happy for the others all the rest cums together. We have a strong understanding the four of us that no one is going anywhere anytime soon.
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