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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
You said that the 2 of you have been doing this for 3 years how many serous partners did he have during that time? And did he want to do the same integration with them?
He had 1 serious relationship prior to this one. Lasted a couple of months. I met her. But she broke up with him before the integration had a chance to take off. She was single, and found the whole thing too stressful, and also there was a lot of peer pressure - she told her friends and family and they were all very un-supportive ("what are you doing with a married man? he will never choose you!"etc)
early forties, straight.
the guys: Ren - husband; Curlz - bf of 2 years, Brig - bf of 7 months; Knight - non-sexual bf; MrBrown - it's complicated
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