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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
..oh but wait, there IS! It's called 'asking.'
No need for that pesky trial and error thing.

(said with all the love in my heart ~ not trying to be snarky)
For me asking is not the cure.. for every answer that I get there is another question.
For me the cure is accepting that I will never know completely whats going on when I'm not there. Or, for that matter, that I will / can never no for sure what's going on in my husbands head! When he stares into space, do I assume he's thinking about her? Do I ask him every time I assume this? that would soon drive him crazy
Or do I accept that I just cannot know?
At first that will make me feel empty and insecure.
But when I really accept it, it makes me feel free.
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