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Oh my the things that are going on for you!

Yeah-no shit huh? What a fucking long weekend. That's about all I can say right at this moment.

Um, I get very pocessive and jealous when my tersiary talks about doms he has met on Fet life or the SM events we go to. He says he has no time for anyone other than me and I am relieved, but I know he wants more than I give. There is still so much to do for us to be mutually satisfied with the arrangement. I get pocessive and jealous when men from my poly group talk about finding a Dom too. Why? I think because I really want to spend more time Domming! I really want to be their dom! Eventually I would like to develop several paying relationships that offer non-sexual services to men and women that require dominance in their lives.
And so your tertiary is sub to you then?

I'm turning 40 next month and have asked for money so I can buy some supplies in an attempt to move in this direction. I have talked about it with Mono and he is acclimatizing himself to the idea slowly. The no sex thing helps, but he is a protective man and is slowly learning that I can take care of myself, although having him near by is a good idea I think at the beginning while I establish a rapport with people. I think my therapy background and my present job working with people with developmental disabilities will help me tremendously.

Cool. Not something I want to do-but cool none-the-less.

As for the sub thing? I have no feelings about it at all. I have been a sub before but more as an exploratory measure to learn what limits are and what things feel like. what better way than to feel them yourself.
Lol-already read your NEXT post-so that made this line much funnier.
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