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Originally Posted by threefunguys View Post
So new to the forum and have been in a poly of three men for about 2 years. The relatioinship joined a couple who had been together for 17 years. We have dealt with many of the things that seem to be common to a poly. The couple decided to end it as there were issues, primarly around family and jealousy that seemed not to be overcome.

We are back with the same three talking again with new interest and as well as progress on the previous issues. The new issue that seems to be on the table is just acceptance in society - work, social settings, etc....This has changed somewhat as the third member is in a new job and is not sure how to handle this.

Any recommendations, suggestions or resources that anyone has in dealing with this things?
There's a reason it's called a private life. Tell your partners not to worry about it at their job. If they are friends with someone there and absolutely must tell them (such in my case cuz I'm a blabber mouth) just make sure you aren't telling anyone that's going to get you in trouble.
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