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Not exactly the same situation, but I had to fire a sponsor once for a similar thing. I am not an alcoholic, but I belong to about a zillion of the whatever-anon sister programs. My sponsor, at the time, was instrumental in helping me discover new and relevant things about myself. I was living with a coke addict/alcoholic, I was discovering what really happened in my childhood, I was in the throes of PTSD, I had always been depressed, I was job-shifting left & right, I had a major surgery ~ it was a super fun time in my life.

I mentioned that some nights I went home and had a drink to cope. She didn't come unglued, but she wouldn't let it go, and insisted I examine it and all but said 'you are an alcoholic.' Not unkind, not unloving, just massively obsessed. I had to turn her loose because she couldn't support me because of her own stuff.

Lots of people have their own stuff and don't recognize it.

I'm sure there are such creatures as poly-affirming sponsors (lots of people love you no matter what), but I don't think you have a sponsor to affirm your poly-ness. You have a sponsor to help you not abuse substances, right?

I could even imagine her trying to figure out if it's a situation that could drive you to drink (because it might drive her to drink, if she's mono, yah?).
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