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Default The Middle of the Middle - Wedding

(Sorry if this post seems somewhat stilted...I lost my original post and can never recapture it so well on my second try.)

I am a traditionalist at heart despite the fact that I have many “non-traditional” views. Anyone attending our wedding would not have sniffed a bit of anything out of the ordinary about it...unless they were looking.

I wrote our marriage ceremony myself - comparing many traditional ceremonies and picking and choosing bits that resonated with us. When it came to the vows - I picked out 10-12 that were things that I was willing to promise to and then had MrS pick the 5-6 that resonated with him. “Til death do us part” was in there...”Forsaking all others” was not.

At the end of the was very much “us” - I have never been to a wedding I liked as much as ours.

After the fact many might have wondered what was different.. We had already merged our lives, our finances, etc. We lived in the same apartment, we had the same plans. For me, there was a subtle but comforting difference. Pre-marriage, when I was making plans for the future I would think in terms of “I am going to do this and that...and MrS will be there.” After the wedding my though processes went “We are going to do this and that.” Subtle.
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