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Default Not long

We haven't been together for very long. Vin and I have been together for almost 10 years, married for 9, and have known each other for 20. K and I have known each other for almost a year, but more or less came out to one another sometime in January, so this triad is a very recent development, and while I've identified as queer and out to myself as such, I've never really been out to myself as a poly person--I've stuffed it over and over and over. That's another thread, I guess.

Thanks so much for the no BS feedback--that helps so much. Since I've started this thread, I've been able to cool down and everyone is talking to each other much better and now we're trying to figure out how we can express ourselves without so intense of a blow out in the future. I mean, I know disagreements are part of the deal, but how do I express myself without losing control and being a nut job?
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