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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Just come out with it. Straight up. It's bad enough to hide from yourself for so long. It will hurt more if they find out you are dishonest. Coming straight out with it is best for all.
Well, that sounds great, I do hear you. But, as I'm sure you're won't be surprised, my situation has it's own particular circumstances.

She knows I've been visiting poly sites, I also have been downloading the Polyamory Weekly PODcast for some time (Minx's podcast). And she borrows my phone quite often, so I think she would know about this podcast.

About 3 months ago I revealed to her a deep belief I have about my view on religion, and I told her at the time that there were other things I believed in regarding relationships. She told me she did not wish to discuss anything further along those lines. And that was that.

So it's very hard for me to know where her limits are, or what I can safely reveal to her about who I am.

I know this sounds wacky, we've been together for 13yrs, have a child together, etc. But she's a VERY closed person, whereas I'm much more open, but I''m open with her only to the point where it makes her uncomfortable, which is where I am right now.

Hence the reason why I'm not looking for advice, I'm certain there's no one exactly in my shoes (isn't that true for everyone really?). So I'm seeking knowledge about your experiences, and others, to help broaden my outlook.
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